Maître Séverine Rouch Notaire à Castelnaudary tél : Notary - CASTELNAUDARY



Due to Séverine Rouch's strong professional experience of more than 10 years as assistant solicitor  in various notarial offices in Aude, and following on from the success in the national competition for the creation of notarial office (list of candidates in order of merit ), she created her own office in Castelnaudary in 2008.

Séverine's main speciality is in the area of business law and real estate (goodwill, commercial leases, real estate, companies ... ). She also has experience with services more orientated towards families (sale, gifts, inheritance .. . )

Séverine and her highly dynamique, dedicated and motivated team of 3 are available to assist you in your needs.  They will make sure that they provide you with the most appropriate response in a world that is increasingly complex. They will explain to you all the tax and legal implications.

Every person has the free choice of a notary and may already have a notary. The price of notaries is regulated at the national level in the same way for each notary, for the majority of acts.

We will be happy to assist you in all legal and tax areas of your family and professional life and look forward to hearing from you.